Tree Inventory and Tree Value Services

Trees are the largest investment and most important “assets” in your landscape.  Plants can be easily replaced, irrigation can be repaired, rock can be replenished and turf can be replaced or converted.  However, your trees “appreciate” in value each year that they have the opportunity to properly grow.

In a picture perfect world, trees would be allowed to grow in the optimum climate without anything to hinder it.  Unfortunately, most of us live in urban areas where our trees have to deal with daily competition from all sorts of environmental conditions.  Some of these could include exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, sufficient irrigation, soil conditions, other trees, drainage and over all design flaws during the initial installation.

As a result of these urban environmental issues, Tree Solutions encourages it’s clients to complete a Tree Inventory.   When completing an Inventory, our Certified Arborists can determine the over all condition of your trees, identify problematic varieties, ensure sufficient irrigation, insect infestation issues, disease and decay problems, design flaws, and the over all “value” of your Tree Assets.

While performing this inventory, our Certified Arborists can also identify and “Tag” each tree to assign it a specific identity.  There are several different types of tagging procedures that will be presented to you as an option.  Once this is complete, we can revisit this inventory on a consistent basis to ensure that your trees are continuing to grow properly and identify any that need to be treated or removed.  This would be a part of your customized Tree Management Program.

Contact our office today to schedule your Tree Inventory Assessment with one of our Certified Arborists.

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