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Our Certified Arborists can help answer questions, provide tree health and risk assessments, and help guide you in creating an over all Tree Management Program.

We recommend that you get the following information before requesting a quote: 

  • Type of property (residential, commercial, industrial) 
  • Property location with specific address 
  • Type of trees (Palm, Pine, etc.) 
  • Approximate number of trees 
  • Nature of request (maintenance, testing, planning)

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24 Hour Emergency Service

Las Vegas is well known for its windy conditions throughout the year.  As a result, there is always a need for emergency response when trees fall down onto streets, carports, and sidewalks. Tree Solutions provides tree care services 24 Hours, 365 Days per year Emergency Services to respond to any situation involving downed trees or large limbs.      

Please call (702) 309-8733 if you're experiencing a tree emergency.